Engage. Reduce. Repeat.

A Case Study in How Lacuna Health AfterCare Can Help Reduce Rehospitalizations

At Lacuna Health we were approached by a large physician group in central Florida, operating out of several major metropolitan areas, to help engage with patients after they were discharged from the hospital.

Lacuna Health AfterCare powered engagement with these discharged Medicare patients while also documenting the calls inside the physician group’s own platform. Our nurses called patients 1 day prior to discharge, 1 day after discharge and 5 days post-discharge.

Rehospitalization Rates

Lacuna Health AfterCare worked to document calls inside our client’s own platform. We don’t replace what you build, we enhance it.

Managing Gaps and Improving Care Is More then a Tagline

We started reaching out to patients in the fourth quarter of 2017, and 52% of these patients were identified as having additional needs. In the process we were able to identify clinical gaps and escalate necessary urgent interventions. The result was a 47% reduction in rehospitalization rates.

Engagement Matters

Helping patients through transitions in care can dramatically improve clinical results.

Learn How Patient Engagement Gets Results